Ubiquiti Unifi Controller: How to manually add access points

The Unifi Controller automatically searches for new access points within its own network, but if you have an access point in another network you need to add it manually to the controller. But since there’s no option to do that in the GUI of the web interface we need to do it with the help of the classic CLI.

  1. reset the access point, if you used it before
  2. look for the IP address of your access point (identify it by using the MAC address)
  3. start putty (download it from putty.org)
  4. connect to the access point by typing in the IP in putty and using SSH
  5. login credentials
    1. user ubnt
    2. password ubnt
  6. type in the following command to connect the AP to the Unifi Controller. Make sure to use the IP address of your Controller server.
    1. set-inform
  7. hit Adopt on the web interface of the Unifi Controller
  8. resend the command from point 6.1 to confirm the adoption
  9. the Unifi Controller will now configure the access point

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  1. thank you. worked a charm.

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